Hi there!


My name is John. I’ve gone by the alias ‘SonicJohn117’ for many years, so I decided to stick with it for nostalgia.

I’ve been fanatical about cinematography and photography ever since recording my first stop motion on my dad’s old Hi8 camcorder. Now I’ve filmed and photographed events for the Western Front Association and also filmed a wedding for a client. I’m still experimenting with various styles of cinematography; trying to find my feet. Lots of my favourite explorations into different images and video are in my portfolio on this site.

I enjoy creating lots of interesting stuff such as movie props and costumes, along with painting the occasional miniature. My friends and I also regularly attend London Comic-con, and so are in the process of creating different costumes and props; most of which you can find the processes of creating here.

If you would also like to see some of my films, they are available on YouTube at SonicJohn117.

Thank you for visiting!