Titanfall 2 Trailer Impressions

The trailer for both the Multiplayer and the new Single Player mode of Titanfall were released on 12th June. These show off a variety of new features that will be in the final game, such as grappling hooks for pilots as well as six new types of titans. Here’s what I’ve seen in the trailers that look awesome.

2016-06-30 (2).png

Single Player

If there’s one thing that every Titanfall player complained about from the first game, it was the story which was so obviously well crafted by the game designers, but never told very well in the actual game. Since the original Titanfall was a multiplayer only game, the ‘campaign’ was told through multiplayer missions. Whilst this mechanic has been used before in games such as Brink, it meant that the story was told by very short cinematic moments at the beginning of matches, and through characters explaining what’s going on through small dialogue boxes. It also meant that whether one team won the match or not, that ending was always the same. Since the storyline wasn’t flexible around the actions of the players, it meant that whichever team won the match – IMC or Militia – the outcome was the same.

This time however, Titanfall 2 is set to include a full storyline with a single player campaign. This means the game can finally be played offline for people who don’t have an internet connection or just want to enjoy the more cinematic experience of single-player. The inclusion of this will hopefully sway a whole load more people to play the game.

2016-06-30 (1).png

From the trailer and other information, we know that the storyline is set a couple of decades after the first game. The Militia are still battling the IMC. The main character is a grunt called Jack Cooper who comes across a dead pilot along with his damaged Vanguard class Titan called BT-7274. Jack and BT must team up to complete the original pilot’s mission. The Titans have evolved from the first game too. They now seem to have an actual sentient A.I. system, rather than the simple “go here, do that” of the previous Titans. It seems like you could possibly have a conversation and a bond with these Titans. The developers have said that in the first game, Titans were very dispensable. In this game, they say that the Titans are far less discardable, so could this mean that each Titan has its own personality – or that each Titian has a personality that can be transferred to the next Titan body after one is destroyed? The fact that BT has its name printed on its body suggests that the Titans really are more like individuals.

2016-06-30 (4)


Both Pilots and Titans are revealed to have special abilities. Pilots have a grappling hook that allows them to swing upwards to more strategic positions, or launch themselves over Titans. This was a personal gripe of mine that despite being able to parkour around the map and double jump, it took ages to find a path directly upwards. Under pressure, there was no way of travelling upwards quickly. Whether this makes Pilots too quick to hit however remains to be seen. The grappling hook will most likely be on a cooldown timer of some sort to stop Pilots becoming blurs that whizz past you as you struggle to aim at them.

2016-06-30 (9).png

Some titans are seen to have a ground smash attack, and others a giant laser blast. These will most likely be the replacement for Cores from the first game. They still seem to have a variety of weapons, as some titans seem to have set purposes such as one which has flame and gas based weaponry. Whether all titans will have set weapons or whether the player can customise their class and weapons remains to be seen.

Titanfall 2 is set to release on October 28, 2016.


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