Deathstroke Costume Build – Part 3

The thighs are made from one solid piece of foam. The seams are kept together with Velcro reinforced with hot glue. They have a tendency to peel off without reinforcement. If I were you, I’d learn from my troubles and add some straps that loop around a belt. That way they won’t slide down your thighs like mine do. I wrapped the right leg in a holster, which kept the leg together and stopped the Velcro coming undone. I would recommend something else to wrap around the left leg just so that you can rest easy knowing it won’t be coming off anytime soon at a convention… or whatever else you’re planning for this outfit.



The finishing touches were painting some old paintball gloves that I had. These I painted fully orange to match Deathstroke’s. IMG_20160613_193257.jpg


At this point, I had completed the torso. Here is it fully assembled, along with a picture of the elastic straps. That allows the front chest section to move independently from the rest of the torso. By squeezing my head through the top shoulder straps, I only need to close the torso around me using some more Velcro.




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