Titanfall 2 Teaser Reveal

Titanfall 2 has swords!


A teaser for Titanfall 2 has dropped (no pun intended) which shows some pretty interesting new information. Of course, trailers nowadays (especially pre-rendered cinematics like this one) are often different to the actual game. Think of Halo 5: Guardian’s advertising if you will… Thus all of this is completely speculative and doesn’t actually mean it’ll all be a major part of the game. But anyway, here’s a small summary of what the teaser showed and some speculation.

Spoilers ahead (maybe?)

  • The trailer starts with a jungle environment and some sort of animal life is definitely present. This could mean there will be wildlife that will attack you in the campaign and/or multiplayer, or it could simply be for effect in the trailer.
  • The fact that they are in a wide open looking jungle environment could mean we’ll be seeing some larger maps without the cramped area of building like in some of the DLC maps. Or it could just be something for the trailer.
  • The drop pod in the centre of the screen might represent something from the campaign, or it could similarly be part of a ‘drop pod defence mode’ for multiplayer.
  • The Titan’s legs do look different to any of the other Titans previously. Whether this is because the designs have just been upgraded, or whether we can get our hands on some different types of Titans remains to be seen. To me it looks more streamline – almost like an Anime mech. Personally I hope the designs stay faithful to the original Titanfall mechs rather than go for the full Anime style, but we shall see!
  • Finally the huge part of the teaser… Swords! This is what makes the Titan look more Anime, but swords will have a large impact on the game. These could simply be implemented as more powerful melee attacks, or full out separate weapons. Of course, they could equally just leave these to only be in the campaign, which is what all of this footage seems to be based from.


We eagerly await the release of the full reveal trailer on June 12. As one who very much enjoyed the original Titanfall I hope Respawn Entertainment pull of a big hit, but also that they stay true to their origins without going in another direction.


Thanks for reading!

Titanfall© Microsoft Corporation. ‘Titanfall 2 Teaser Reveal’ was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Titanfall, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.


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