Deathstroke’s swords and sheath – Start to Finish

Time to give my Deathstroke cosplay an arsenal!

Looking at various reference images, I set about creating Deathstroke’s iconic sword(s).


Others out there have used PVC pipes, heated them up and then flattened them to create the sword, but handily I had some thin PVC pipe that is designed to hold electrical wires throughout the walls of a house, so I didn’t have to squash a PVC pipe. I cut the end of the PVC pipe off at an angle just over 45 degrees. From the side it gives the impression of a sharp blade, but from the top you can see it’s hollow. I made sure to file the end to be rounded. Yes it’s a sword, but only for show… There’s no pointed ends on this thing!

Sword 3

Sword 2

Next I wrapped the handle section of the sword in orange foam, and then set about drawing a design for the black part of the handle. I cut out the small sections of the design and then wrapped this over the orange foam so that the orange was visible through the patterns in the black foam. All I used for sticking the layers of foam to the PVC was hot glue from a hot glue gun.


Sword 1

Behold, a very cheap and easy prop sword. It’s extremely lightweight but still looks fairly realistic.

But there is one more thing to create, and that’s a sheath for the sword…

Sheath Reference 1

I planned to sandwich the sword between two layers of foam, and then surround the sides of the swords with two more layers of foam. Firstly I traced the size of the sword onto the foam to make the area where the sword will sit tightly inside the sheath once it’s inserted.

20150803_005134   20150803_005120

Next I cut out the outside of this frame. I repeated this process twice to end up with two of these pieces. These make up the sides of the sheath.


One of the final steps was to add the top layer onto each side piece. You can now see where the sword fits inside the foam. Finally I placed these two parts together, although I used Velcro so that if the sword ever gets stuck inside the sheath, it can easily be taken apart.

Sheath 1

Sheath 2


2 thoughts on “Deathstroke’s swords and sheath – Start to Finish

  1. Icerrade August 26, 2016 / 4:10 pm

    Where did you get the PVC Pipe? I can’t seem to find a thin one like yours.


    • SonicJohn117 August 26, 2016 / 6:18 pm

      I had some in my garage, I don’t know what shop it was from. It’s used for running electrical wires inside walls, rather than plumbing, so you might find some on Amazon. If you’re British like me then maybe shops like Homebase or Wickes might sell some?

      There are videos on YouTube on how to heat up round PVC pipes and then flatten them, but these pre-flat pipes are just so much less hassle. Hope you can find some!


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